The number of complaining tourists from all over the world is overwhelming, so much so that mishaps during trips have become a “normal” part of traveling.

While certain travel agencies, cruise lines and airlines play a huge role, there are certain ways you can prevent yourself from encountering unnecessary problems en route your destination.

Today, we are here to change the way you travel by letting you in on some of the tried and tested tips for a trouble-free trip.

1. Keep an eye on your miles

Countless cases have been reported about frustrated travelers who are unable to use their miles for their next flight out. For you not to be another one who complains, check in advance when your miles are expected to expire. This way, you can plan your next trip accordingly and save yourself thousands of dollars along the way.

2. Learn about cancellation policies

Cruise lines and airlines have this strategic way of writing down their cancellation policies in very small fonts at the back of your ticket or at the bottom of a page. When your trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re surprised to see that it’s taking them forever to refund your payments.

The best thing to do is learn all about their cancellation and refund policies even before you book. You don’t want to end up as the oblivious one who forgot to read the terms and conditions.

3. Read about visa requirements

Certain countries necessitate visas upon entry while others don’t. While the next big trip to somewhere exotic sounds all too exciting, don’t drop your brain somewhere and forget to check if the country has visa requirements.

Double check the most recent guidelines from the embassy of the country you’re visiting. Imagine coming all the way from another side of the world just to find out you’re not allowed entry.

4. Some travel agencies are too good to be true

Sometimes you encounter such sweet travel deals that you become too hasty on paying for them. The next thing you know, your money is all gone and you’ve never heard from the certain Mrs. Anderson of Amazing Travel Tours & Co.

Always be extra vigilant when communicating with travel agencies. Veer away from those who insist on cash-or-check payment basis. Always use your credit card in these kinds of transactions so your bank can back you up. It also pays to read about reviews of the certain agency you plan on coordinating with.

5. Opt for connecting flights that are code-share partners

Code-share partnering airlines means that if you miss your connecting flight, the airline will gladly put you on the next flight out for free. If you booked multiple carriers and you end up missing your connecting flight, then you’ll need to pay for another one.

An additional tip here is for you to arrange a flight that will give you two or more hours before you connect to your next flight, especially if you have to go through immigrations and customs.

6. Don’t get bumped

Overbooked flights have become an unfortunate trend nowadays. There is a system on how airlines end up bumping people off flights in exchange of vouchers and rarely, cash. They start of with volunteers. When that doesn’t free up enough seats, they’ll start choosing the ones who checked in late and last.

Moral of the story? Come in and check in early.

7. Object on time and effectively

When your hot shower in your hotel room doesn’t work or your cabin bed creaks at your every movement or the promise of a city view wasn’t given to you, complain about it right away and always with a cool head.

If you choose to bear it and just write a complaint once you get home, you lose your chance of actually making them pay. Tell the staff right away so they can address the issue accordingly. Who knows? You might just get an upgrade.

8. Return car rentals more effectively

When you rent a car, it’s not as easy as returning it once you’re done. Why? Chances are, you’ll be billed for damages you’re not even prepared for.

Prevent this scam from happening to you by returning the car on time. Plus, take dated photographs of it for proof that you didn’t damage the vehicle in any way. This will come in handy if you end up being charged way higher than you would have anticipated.

A smart traveler is a happy traveler. Make sure you keep these hassle-free tips in mind the next time you book a flight.

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