Let’s face it: No matter how fun going from one destination to the next is, sometimes there are those tidbits of unnecessary stress and trouble we could do without— those that make certain trips such a pain.

Well today, we’re going to make your next trip far better (and easier) than the previous one by letting you in on top 10 useful travel hacks every seasoned traveler should keep in mind.

1. Roll it, don’t fold it

Let’s start with your clothes. Instead of folding them, roll them so you have far more space and really, it does keep your shirts and pants from getting too many creases. This way, you also don’t have to worry about carrying too many souvenir bags around since they can all fit into your luggage.

2. Request for a Fragile sticker

You’ve heard about all the horror stories of broken luggage the world over. Before this happens to you, request for a Fragile sticker. Not only does the crew become more mindful of your things, they also place it on top of the pile so when you land, your bag is one of the first ones ready for pick up.

3. Learn to compare flights

For starters, Kayak is one website that helps you compare flights from across numerous airlines. This gives you a baseline of which price is best.

4. Get your debit and credit cards cleared for travel

Ever experienced getting your card denied overseas? Then never let that happen again. Call your bank and make sure all your cards, both debit and credit, are authorized for use in your destination.

5. Get a few bucks exchanged before you leave

We always feel robbed every time we touch down and end up having to settle for crappy exchange rates in the airport. Get a good head start by exchanging at the best possible bank in your hometown before you leave.

6. Bring an empty water bottle with you

Whether it’s one you previously had or something you just bought from a store, bringing an empty bottle for your water is one of the best ways to save up a few bucks. Instead of buying from airport to airport, just refill the bottle in a nearby fountain once you’ve gone through security.

7. Bring an all-in-one adaptor

We all know how frustrating it can be to find out that you can’t plug your laptop into the hotel’s outlet since they don’t match. Instead of spending far too much for an adaptor, invest in an all-in-one quality adaptor to bring with you everywhere you go.

8. Your jacket’s more than just for protection

Apart from keeping you warm, your jacket goes beyond protection and comfort.

You know how annoying that guy is who slowly removes his belt, jewelry, gadgets and just about every knick knack in the security area? Well, never be that guy. Chuck everything into your jacket and stash that on your tray. Once you’re through, just pop your jacket back on and you’re good to go.

9. Keep everything you need in one place

Tickets, ID, passport, and itinerary — all these should stay in one pouch. These are the things that you won’t only need in the airport but wherever you go. So keep yourself secure and make it far easier for you to move around by practicing this hack.

10. Don’t bring too much money all at once

So you’re ready to head out for your destination. Hold up for a minute, do you really need to bring all that cash with you on your first day? It’s best to go around first, see what you might end up buying. From there, you can get the amount you need.

It’s too risky bringing too much cash with you every time you head out. You know what they say: It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?