Unlimited Possibilities

Dominique Ansel Kitchen | West Village | New York City

For those looking for a unique and impressive culinary experience, get your tickets to U.P. This after-hours 7-course dessert tasting menu is offered inside of the baking kitchen of Chef Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut! This was truly a special experience and we give it our strongest recommendation! Below are some highlights from the tasting, which was themed “American Dreams.”

 The evening starts with the lowering of an 8-person table from the ceiling:



The “White Picket Fence” course: representing the American dream of having your own house and yard. Apricot, blood orange, raspberry, shisho jicama, confit strawberry, cherry tomato and chervil:





Peace: Chamomile, milk, Apple Brandy


The 1980’s: Wall Street. A smoky cigar made of crispy potatoes, chocolate filling and caramel:



The Tech Boom: Insert your floppy disk to receive a delicious waffle covered with tonka bean ice cream and celery maple syrup!



#GoingViral: The final course featured an Instaceleb sheep with 4 different edible Instagram filters!



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