Getting There



  • Airport – Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Currency – Euro (EUR)
  • Official Language – English
  • Population – 530,000
  • Drinks of ChoiceGuinness, Jameson
  • Food of ChoiceIrish Stew, Guinness Pie, Irish Soda Bread


Getting to Dublin

Welcome to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland! Ireland is an Island in the North Atlantic with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. In between trying Dublin’s delicious food and a fresh pint of Guiness, you can explore medieval buildings including the 13th Century Dublin Castle. Also, make new friends! Dublin offers some of the nicest and most friendly people on the planet! The weather is a bit unpredictable and rainy, so when packing don’t forget your rain coat. But don’t fret, a trip to the beautiful Emerald Isle it is more than worth it!



While Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and is on the Pound, Dublin and the remaining Republic of Ireland uses the Euro as their form of currency. Make sure to get the correct currency while in Dublin to order up your Guinness!



St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One of the most iconic cathedrals in the Emerald Isle is St. Patrick’s. It is a must see and a beautiful tour that everyone should explore. If you take the double decker tour buses it should take you to this location and some below.


Trinity College

In 1592 Elizabeth I founded Trinity College, which stands at the top of most if not all lists as Ireland’s preeminent university. It is said to be one of the most beautiful universities architecturally, and is known for its famous exhibits including one of Ireland’s treasures, the Book of Kells. Be sure to check out their incredible library during your visit.


Guinness Storehouse

Everyone loves a good rich pint of Guinness, so head over to the storehouse that is seven stories tall and shaped like a glass. Guinness in Ireland is way better than what is shipped to the United States. It is rich like coffee and creamy like chocolate. It is definitely a must have while in Dublin.


Temple Bar & Graffton Street

Downtown Dublin is always alive whether it’s three in the morning or five in the afternoon and these are the two places to check out. Temple is a district in central Dublin which a variety of bars and restaurants to explore. Graffton Street and the surrounding area is nearby, but has a younger and livelier crowd. Both areas are lots of fun to explore and sample around.





Jo’ Burger Town: A locally sourced burger restaurant near Graffton Street, one of the most popular areas of Dublin. If you want to try the best lamb burger you have ever had this is the place for you, but do not worry they have beef too.


LittleAss Burrito Bar: A small burrito shop right next to Trinity is always lively throughout the week with students and business men coming and going from this cute corner shop. This is a favorite for the students at Trinity and one of the best burritos I have ever had in my life.


The Duke: A classic Irish pub restaurant! If you want some authentic Irish food with more than enough potatoes to go around, this is the place for you. The Duke has tons of locals daily and you can see a great crowd of Irish citizens drinking their beloved Guinness as the night begins.



Vintage Cocktail Club

With creative drinks like the Fall’s Road Flip and the Dirty Wizard, check out the Vintage Cocktail Club for a night of fun drinks in a great atmosphere. Located at 15 Crown Alley in Temple Bar.


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