Copenhagen, Denmark


Getting There


  • Airport – Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
  • Currency – Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Language – Danish
  • Population – 1.3 million
  • GDP (Denmark) – $336 billion (34th Overall)


Never Been to Denmark?

Copenhagen, Denmark has been identified as the happiest city in the world several years in a row! The beautiful country of Denmark has an exciting history filled with Vikings and country takeovers. The Viking age began in about 900 AD and has become better understood since the discovery of the famous Jelling Stone. This stone holds several carvings from the past and is now on display at the National Danish Museum.

Although Denmark had a strong army, over time they lost battles and land, which is why the country is small compared to its  Scandinavian peers. If you want to travel to a beautiful city with amazing food, culture, and people, check out Copenhagen!



The total flight time from JFK International Airport in New York City is approximately eight hours nonstop. If coming from the U.S. make sure to bring a valid passport and comfortable clothes!

Dark clothing is the main style there, as well as warm clothes, and raincoats. It rains a lot so it is good to be prepared. Most Danes dress in dark colors and take their style seriously, as observed in the clothes sold in its stores like COS.


Currency and Costs

The local currency is the Danish Krone, and while credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, it’s recommended to carry some cash. Like their Scandinavian peers, Copenhagen is expensive so keep that in mind when planning your trip!

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Before you set sail to Copenhagen, here are some great places to think about as you plan your itinerary. During your time there, you should be sure to rent and ride a bicycle around the city, as that is the main mode of transportation. Bicycles are available to rent all over the city. The best thing I would recommend is to immerse yourself into the culture and try to live like the Danes for the duration of your stay.


Little Mermaid and Parliament

During this bicycle ride, you can visit the Little Mermaid statue and Parliament, which are near the Langelinie Park in Copenhagen. After visiting the Little Mermaid, walk alongside the water to Amalienborg Palace, which is where the Danish royal family lives. Seeing these historical sites can give you a deeper understanding of the culture and past history. For example, there is a Little Mermaid statue because it is told that a mermaid was spotted there hundreds of years ago.


Spiral Tower and Christiania

Next, visit the Spiral Tower at the Church of Our Saviour. It is only a block away from where Christiania is located; a famous free society that thrives on its own rules and is separate from Copenhagen. Visiting the Spiral Tower is 35 DKK and it is highly recommended that you go at the time of opening and when there is a significant natural light. Many people like to go and the top of the tower can quickly get filled with tourists.Going early would be the best way to get a really beautiful view of the city since everyone might block your view and pictures the busier it gets. This building is not recommended if you are afraid of heights, as there is not much space to move around and it is very high up. Wear comfortable shoes since there are many stairs to get to the top.



Another famous place that is a great place to visit is Nyhavn. Nyhavn means “new port”. This is the new port of Copenhagen where many movies have been filmed and where there are several good restaurants to eat. If you are cold, then you can drop by and eat outside of a restaurant while using their outdoor blankets for warmth.After seeing all of the beautiful and different colors at this dock, walk just a few blocks from this port and you can find three trampolines that were built into the ground. They can be hard to find but make for a great photo!



Tivoli is the second-oldest amusement park in the world and is located in the center of the city. There are beautiful shows with music, great amusement rides, and great food. Tivoli is definitely a place to visit, even if you do not have children. It has beautiful architectural designs that are similar to the Taj Mahal and other Asian buildings and art.



Definitely check out Vesterbro, Copenhagen’s hip meatpacking district. Sometimes referred to as the “Brooklyn of Copenhagen,” I stayed in this neighborhood during my trip and loved it. There are some really cool hipster bars, clubs, and restaurants that you can visit.


Frederiksborg Castle

If you have time to spare during your trip to Denmark, another amazing place you can visit is Frederiksborg Castle, which is about one hour away by train. At this castle, there are several large and beautiful gardens around the vicinity that you can take long walks around. It adds a very tranquil air to your travels and can bring you back in history to ancient times. If you are into history and love ancient castles, this is definitely a place you have to go to!



Danish cuisine has its roots in the country’s agricultural history. Common foods include fish, pork, bread, and potatoes, which were produced and stored by families before the Industrial Revolution. One typical Danish dish is Smørrebrød. It is essentially an open sandwich that can be served with pâté and other items. A Danish dessert that is great to try is flødeboller. It is almost like a marshmallow with a chocolate casing. So good! Below are some restaurant recommendations, followed by additional places worth checking out!


Glass Market

If after trying Danish cuisine you are craving some of that American food you have been missing, check out the Glass Market. It has a mixture of any kind of food you want from Asian to Danish breakfast dishes. If you aren’t looking for food to eat, but a snack, you can find cheese or chocolate that are very good quality and delicious. Definitely a place worth visiting!


Sankt Peders Bageri and Sandwich Pigen

If you are there on a Wednesday check out Sankt Peders Bageri. They have amazing cinnamon rolls for only 15 DKK on Wednesdays. It is a super deal! After having that for breakfast, if you want a quick and nice lunch, eat at Sandwich Pigen. They have amazing organic sandwiches that sell for good prices.


La Glace

Lastly, if you are looking to have a nice and decently priced desert, eat at La Glace. La Glace is famous for their pastries, especially their cheesecakes and hot chocolate. The line is very long every weekend as it is very popular to visit. Out of all the pastry places above, please make sure that no matter what you visit this one.


Additional Recommendations!


  • Rist Kaffebar
  • The Coffee Collective
  • Heimdalsgade 22


  • Atelier September – the avocado toast is amazing!
  • Pate Pate – located in the hip Vesterbro neighborhood, my Airbnb host recommended it and it wound up being one of my best meals in Copenhagen
  • GRØD – this place only does porridge and porridge-like dishes like risotto
  • Manfreds – less casual but totally delicious and very Danish
  • Selfish – tiny sushi place run by a lovely guy from Tokyo
  • Sliders – name says it all…they’re incredible


travel guide to copenhagenThe avocado toast at Atelier


  • Meyers Bageri – hands down the best bakery – I love the one on Jægersborggade
  • Fløjlsbløde Flødekager – Velvet cakes!
  • Kopan – this is a food bicycle that changes location and does bulgogi pancakes among other things
  • Matcha Bar at byoh – Check out the matcha ice cream at the Matcha Bar in Vesterbro


travel guide to copenhagenMatcha ice cream at byoh’s matcha bar


  • Faetter Faetter Toast Bar – delicious negronis and the best toasted sandwiches
  • Mikkeller and Friends – beer beer beer and spicy jerky!
  • Lidkoeb – fantastic cocktails



Copenhagen Street Food

For those into delicious food offered across a variety of cool food trucks in an old industrial warehouse, Copenhagen Street Food is a must-see! The food is incredible and the variety is even more impressive. Options include Danish, Korean, Italian, Colombian and more. Take your food and drink outside and enjoy the view. When it’s colder bring out a hot drink and sit next to the fire.

Tip: Come by bike to save time since the closest public transit still leaves you with a decent walk

travel guide to copenhagenExcellent drinks at Copenhagen Street Food

What I Learned from Copenhagen

1) Connect with Your Feelings

Many people disconnect from their feelings because experiencing and processing them can be painful. When situations trigger anger, sadness, guilt, shame, or fear within us, it is easier to go numb or use distractions like work, food or alcohol as a way to avoid the short-term discomfort. However, the absolute best thing to do is actually sit in and feel those feelings, and then let them pass.

During my time in Copenhagen, I spent a lot of downtime in local cafés working on connecting to my feelings. I discovered that by listening to music and actually writing out my feelings (I’m angry that…, I’m afraid that…) I was able to connect with and process my feelings on a new level. Do some experimenting and find what works for you.


2) Listen to Audiobooks While Traveling

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to read more, especially if you travel a lot. During my trip to Copenhagen, I stocked up on some great new personal growth books on Audible and got to work. I recommend a good pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out background noise especially while on flights. I use the Bose QuietComfort 20 in-ear noise canceling headphones which are amazing noise cancellers and very compact for traveling.


3) Have Fun

While it’s great to do good work on yourself, taking breaks and having fun is really important. Go explore your new city or indulge in a delicious local delicacy and make sure to have fun during your trip as well.

ke sure to have fun during your trip as well.

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