Sushi Dai

5-2-1 Tsukiji | Tsukiji Fish Market | 6th Building

sushi dai tsukiji tokyo Sushi Dai will likely serve you the freshest sushi you’ll have in your life. While critics call this Tsukiji Fish Market staple overrated due to its multi-hour waits, every bite is better than the next during their Omakase tasting menu.

Sushi Dai was named the third best restaurant in all of Japan in 2014, and the best sushi restaurant. Each piece of sushi is fine-tuned to perfection, with the rice still warm and the seaweed crisp. The fish is incredibly fresh and full of taste.

The restaurant is also relatively affordable for its quality. Each set costs from ¥2000- ¥4000, which is about $20 – $40 USD.

Sushi Dai is located at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market:



Waits can be longer than 2 hours:

Tsukiji fish market

Fatty Tuna:

Sushi Dai Fatty Tuna


Squid Sushi Dai Tokyo

Sea Urchin (Uni)  うに

Sea Urchin Uni Sushi Dai Tokyo


Tuna Sushi Dai Tokyo

Eel and Tuna Roll:

Eel Sushi and Tuna Roll

After your omakase tasting, they give you the menu and offer you one more piece of choice:

Sushi Dai Menu Tsukiji Market Tokyo

Filefish (Kawahagi) with its Liver on Top:

Filefish Kawahagi with its Liver on Top Sushi Dai Tokyo

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