Squarespace vs WordPress: Choosing the Right Platform For You


Squarespace vs WordPress: one of the first decisions you have to make when starting your own website. I often get emails from readers saying “I heard WordPress is better for SEO (search engine optimization), but I’m a beginner and my friend said Weebly or Squarespace is more user-friendly.”

Not to worry, this article will clear up any questions you may have, help you make the right website platform decision, and you’ll be on your way to starting your own website today!

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Ease of Use



Website platforms like Squarespace are designed specifically to help users with limited website or coding experience build their own site. They offer drag-and-drop features that let users build their own websites in an easy-to-use fashion. I tried Squarespace for a few weeks before switching over to WordPress (what I use now) and while it was an easier overall platform to navigate, I will say that it wasn’t the completely seamless experience that I was expecting, and it took some getting used to that I never fully grasped. Squarespace is also nice in that as you edit you will see what the live website will look like. In WordPress, you’ll need to hit preview to see what the live mode would look like.


While WordPress is intuitive and easy to use once you get the hang of it, there is a learning curve that takes a few weeks to get used to. I chose to use WordPress for a number of important reasons further addressed below, and personally feel that it is well worth it to learn the WordPress platform for the benefits that you will experience long-term. Additionally, with WordPress you can buy a custom coded theme for around $50 (and there are even many free themes) that will give you a similar plug-and-play feel that you can get on the Squarespace platform.




Below is a comparison between WordPress using BlueHost web hosting and SquareSpace:

  • Hosting (Monthly Basic Price)
    • WordPress – $3.49 to $4.95/month depending on how long you sign up for
    • Squarespace – $9/month
    • Wix – $10/month for their starter Combo plan
    • Weebly – $8/month for their Starter plan
  • Domain Name
    • WordPress – 1 free domain
    • Squarespace  – 1 free domain
    • Weebly – 1 free domain
  • Theme/Template
    • WordPress – Many free themes are available. Premium themes can range from $40 – $60
    • Squarespace – Free
    • Wix – Free
  • Domain Name Registration
    • WordPress – Free
    • Squarespace – Free
      • Squarespace hosts the site themselves

While there isn’t a huge cost difference when comparing SquareSpace vs WordPress, SquareSpace is clearly more expensive, especially because getting email addresses from them can cost more. In the long-term, it’s important to think about your business goals. When thinking about mine, I felt that factors like SEO (discussed below) and the potential for building my company exceeded the small differences in costs so I didn’t spend much time thinking about this factor when making my decision. However, for the cost conscious you will also receive a lower monthly price by choosing WordPress.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization


This one factor alone pushed me to choose WordPress for my website. While people debate the superiority of WordPress from an SEO standpoint versus its peers like SquareSpace, the consensus seems to be that WordPress is the most SEO-friendly platform. This is due to the SEO WordPress plugins available, the flexibility of the WordPress platform and many other reasons that could consititute its own article.

Additionally, I noticed that most (if not all) of the websites that were generating strong revenues in similar niches as to the one I was entering were using WordPress, and that was an important consideration. Many small businesses use the SquareSpace type builder as an extension of their business, but the websites that observed doing very well as stand-alone online businesses were almost always WordPress websites that were leveraging the SEO and other WordPress capabilities.

Below is a screenshot from the Yoast WordPress plugin, an extremely helpful plugin available to WordPress users that allows me to generate traffic from Google to my website. Yoast is very user-friendly and easy to learn. It allows you to enhance your posts for SEO purposes so they rank higher in Google searches, allowing you to generate more traffic to your site and make more money.

Squarespace vs WordPress




Website-building platforms like Squarespace and Weebly have very aesthetically nice designs. You can choose from a variety of beautiful templates to match the style you’re looking for. In general, I found that these platforms were much looking than the WordPress sites I was comparing them too, and this was a factor that made me hesitate before choosing WordPress.

The reason I got comfortable with WordPress’s design is because they now offer many attractive custom-coded themes that you can download for free or if necessary purchase for around $50 (and it is a one time purchase that covers the whole website forever). For me, it was a price well worth paying to get access to better SEO capabilities and all of the other benefits that WordPress offers you. The theme that I use is Avada and am very happy with the appearance and layout of my site. The Squarespace vs WordPress question is definitely worth asking, but I personally am much better off with WordPress.

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squarespace vs wordpress




Due to the size and popularity of the WordPress community, there are thousands of WordPress plugins available and millions of live WordPress websites online. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a plugin is a tool to help improve your website. For example, if you want an easy way to sort your website posts by date, you can download a plugin for that. If WordPress were your iPhone, plug-ins would be the apps. Given the vast number of people with WordPress sites, an enormous community has been built to help cater to these WordPress users. As your website grows, you will also find it easier to outsource tasks to those familiar with WordPress over the other website builders.

squarespace vs wordpress

WordPress plugins improve the performance and functionality of your blog. Today there are more than 47,000 plugins with more than 1,457,231,246 total downloads!




Below is a comparison of WordPress, SquareSpace and others for the different features available to you. Again, for WordPress we are assuming you use Bluehost for hosting.

  • Pages
    • WordPress – Unlimited
    • Squarespace – 20 with the Personal plan
  • Hard Drive Space
    • WordPress – Unlimited
    • Squarespace – 2GB
    • Wix – 3GB
  • Email Accounts
    • WordPress – Unlimited
    • Squarespace – 0
  • Bandwidth
    • WordPress – Unlimited
    • Squarespace – 500 GB
  • Responsive Design
    • Responsive Design refers to design that auto adjusts the width and website presentation regardless of whether you’re using iPhone/PC/iPad/Desktop
    • WordPress – Sometimes (I work with virtual assistants who take care of this for me)
    • Squarespace – Always


Some of these criteria are pretty important, and to me, WordPress clearly has the advantage here. Hard drive space matters as you scale up your site, so when having the Squarespace vs WordPress debate, I came out in favor of the latter due to these differences.


Customer Support


  • Squarespace
    • Live chat support
    • Support through their community forum
    • Email support
  • WordPress
    • Thousands of YouTube videos and articles available (just do a Google search for your issue and you can almost always find an answer quickly
    • Support generally offered by your hosting company depending on who you are using for hosting
    • No support from WordPress but if you purchase a theme you will generally get access to their support


The Verdict


Verdict: Squarespace vs WordPress?! I personally use WordPress and think it’s the way to go for the many reasons listed above.

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