Saint Tropez, France

Welcome to Saint Tropez, France! Located in the famous South of France, this coastal town sits along the amazing French Riviera and every summer becomes the capital of luxury. Oo là là! Among its magnificent pastel colored facades you’ll find thousands of curious travelers from all over the world on the hunt for a celebrity in the crowd. That’s right, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Antonio Banderas and Cristiano Ronaldo…they are just some of the stars that can’t resist the charm of Saint-Tropez in the summertime. And who wouldn’t want to spend a holiday in the most famous coast in Europe surrounded by beautiful a scenery, clear waters and small cozy villages? 

If you’re going to visit this Mediterranean beauty, here are the Top 10 must-do activities in Saint- Tropez!


Visit Le Musée de la Gendarmerie

The building of the Gendarmerie is one of the most photographed as it appears in the film The Troops of St. Tropez (Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez) starring Brigitte Bardot and Louis de Funès. Opening in 2016 under the name The Museum of Police and Cinema of Saint Tropez, this building has become a museum and you can explore the sets of former films, film footage, old photographs, and more. The visit only costs 4 € and it’s a great way to start soaking in the culture and history of Saint-Tropez. Saint Tropez


Visit the Port

The port of Saint Tropez is one of this beautiful town’s main attractions. It is always lively and never sleeps, and you can find great restaurants (Sénéquier is a classic), Italian ice-cream shops (yes, many Italians visit Saint Tropez because it’s just two hours away from Italy), luxury boutiques, souvenir shops, street artists and painters and the biggest attraction, or the one that takes most of the looks: luxury yachts where we can see rich people from all over the world having a drink or partying overlooking the main street while tourists explore nearby.

Saint Tropez

I strongly recommend you to have an Italian flower-shaped ice-cream at Amorino’s when there. It is just delicious! (3-5 €)

Saint Tropez


Le Marché Aux Poissons (Fish Market)

Next to the tourist office, we found a small door in the remains of an ancient wall through which you can access the fish market. It’s a daily market where fishermen from Saint-Tropez not only sell the day’s catch, but they also prepare typical provençales recipes as the “anchoïade” and the “bouillabaisse”. From the market you can easily access the old town.


The Steeple of the Church

About 5 minutes by foot from the port or the fish market, you will find the wonderful church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption. Without seeing it in person, you probably already know what it looks like since there’s no postcard from Saint Tropez without this church portrayed! With its pastel colors and traditional yellow steeple, it’s just a jewel. You can visit it for free.



La Ponche

Very close to the church you will find the old fishing village of Saint Tropez: La Ponche, where you can see the typical houses with wooden shutters. There are two small beaches at La Ponche where tourists can bathe. There is a path that borders the neighborhood and goes next to the sea. Be careful, some waves can reach you!

It is highly recommended to follow this path because we can enjoy the view of Sainte Maxime.



Rue Clemenceau

This street is one of the busiest in Saint Tropez and it’s the one that leads from the center of the city to the Place des Lices. It is a pedestrian street where you will find jewelers, fashion boutiques, shops decoration, provençal specialties, and more.


La Place des Lices

Place des Lices is the main town square. Every Tuesday and Saturday mornings you can visit the Provençal market in Saint Tropez. You can walk around the stalls where they sell typical Provençal products. Don’t expect it to be cheap, though! You can have a coffee or a tarte tropézienne à La Tarte Tropezienne, the most famous patisserie. This pastry is a dessert consisting of a filled brioche. It was created in 1955 by Alexandre Micka, a pâtisserie owner in Saint Tropez and it was named by Brigitte Bardot while she was there filming And God Created Woman. It’s scrumptious!


The Citadel

The Citadel of Saint Tropez is an ancient fortress located on a small hill from which we have the best views of the tourist gem. Admission is 3 €. In addition, next to the citadel you’ll find the sailor cemetery of Saint Tropez.

saint-tropez france


Saint Tropez Beaches

Saint Tropez is known for its wonderful beaches: les Canebiers, Bouillabaisse, les Salins, Plage de Gigaro and in my opinion the best one: Pampelonne, also known as Patch beach. To arrive from Saint Tropez, you have to take the road called “Route des Plages”. Once you’ll be on the road, you have to choose which of the many beaches that make up Pampelonne you want to visit. Here I quote them in order from the nearest to the farthest from Saint Tropez: Tahiti, Moulins, Tamaris, Campgrounds, Patch, Epi and Bonne Terrasse; each one has its hotels and restaurants.

To arrive at Plage de Tahiti in Pampelonne, head to the Bay of Pampelonne and head to the northern section of Pampelonne beach. It is accessible via an unpaved road.

At Pampelonne you’ll find everything: family beaches, nudist beaches, crowded and calm zones, just everything! But mostly you will find transparent waters, clean sand, a great atmosphere and the best sunsets in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.



Visit the Surrounding Villages

If you have the time, you should absolutely visit the other villages in the area such as Ramatuelle, Gassin, Grimaud of the beautiful Port Grimaud, like a little Venice. They all can be visited in 1-2 hours and are definitely worth it. The first three are situated on the hills, so you can have a great panorama of the area and at Port Grimaud you’ll have to change the car for a boat! Come visit the Gulf of Saint-Tropez! Make your dream come true!

Saint TropezGrimaud


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