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kosaka nyc sushiChef Yoshihiko Kousaka serves a delicious omakase tasting menu at this West Village gem which opened in late 2015. Chef Kousaka was previously with Michelin Star bearing Jewel Bako, also in New York. Though certainly not cheap at $145 for the omakase tasting, you’ll leave feeling full and happy.

Chef Kousaka’s Omakase menu includes a selection of 15-18 sushi pieces:

Kosaka Omakase Menu

Sesame Tofu with Uni (Sea Urchin) and Taro:

Sesame Tofu with Uni (Sea Urchin) and Taro



Katsuo (Skipjack Tuna):

DSC00105 - Katsuo (skipjack tuna) with garlic

Kurumaebi (Shrimp):

Shrimp (Kurumaebi)

Shrimp sushi

Scallop with Yuzu foam and Sea Grapes:

DSC00109 - Scallop with Yuzu Foam

Anago (Saltwater Eel):

DSC00113 - Anago (saltwater eel)

Fatty Tuna:


Uni (Sea Urchin) from Hokkaido, Japan:

Hokkaido uni (sea urchin)

Tamago (Egg):

DSC00114 - Tamago

Miso Soup with Clam:

DSC00115 - Miso Soup with Clam

Ikura (Salmon roe):

Ikura (salmon roe)

Dessert – Chocolate Mochi and Green Tea Pudding:

Dessert including green tea pudding

Me with Chef Yoshihiko Kousaka:


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