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Click here go to BlueHost’s sitethen click “Get Started Now.” Once you set up your hosting, come back here and continue reading.

How to Start a Blog


Select Your Plan

  • Basic
    • My recommendation is to definitely start with the less expensive Basic Plan. You can always upgrade later if you want multiple websites or the other premium features. But to start, I chose the Basic Plan and recommend that you do the same, it’s most likely all you will need
  • Plus/Prime
    • You can select the Plus or Prime options if you plan to run multiple websites or want access to other additional features, but I would recommend that you start with the Basic plan for now
    • You can always upgrade to Plus or Prime later if you’d like

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Register Your Free Domain Name

Don’t worry, you can change your domain at any time over the next 3 days completely free of charge. And you can always get a new domain later if you’d like.

I chose http://adventuredaze.com as a placeholder but wound up liking it so I kept it. If you set up your hosting by using this link you will get your domain for free! And you have 3 full days to change it for free.


Fill Out the Final Page

Fill in this final page and click Submit. For length and extras, I recommend saving money and opting for these settings:

Length – the 12-month plan should be sufficient, but go for a longer term if you want an even better monthly discount. You’ll notice that 12 months in the lowest option, but it is very important to set up hosting for at least a year. People who try to set up monthly hosting often have to pay much more per month, as well as worry about their domain expiring at the end of each month and losing traffic.

By signing up with BlueHost for at least 12 months you lock in your site for a year, and BlueHost will always get in touch with you before the year ends with the option to continue hosting your site so you never have any issues.

Extras – I don’t have any of the extra pro features and you can uncheck all of them to save money

Remember: There are no contracts and you can easily cancel your hosting at any time, even 11 months in! In fact, for the first 30 days you are entitled to a 100% complete refund. And at any time afterward, you can still easily cancel your hosting and receive your pro-rated amount back.

Once your hosting is set up, move to the next step below to set up WordPress and get ready for the fun, money-making experience to begin! To recap, you can easily set up your hosting by:

  • Clicking this link and click on the “Get Started Now” button
  • Select your plan
  • Entering your domain (free using the above link, you can change it at any time for free over the next 3 days)
  • Fill out the final page and click the green Submit button

Congratulations! You have just set up your own website! Click here to start your site if you haven’t already. Or use this awesome domain checker tool:

You are now ready to start your website and begin doing what you live. Click here to start your website right now!

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