The Best Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

Best Travel Phone Apps TRAVEL Whether you’re heading to Southeast Asia to do some backpacking or simply hitting the road for a long weekend getaway, check out the below recommendations for my favorite travel apps. Whether you’re in need of directions, looking for fun local activities to do, or simply looking for a way

7 Apps to Learn a New Language Now

Best Language Learning Apps By Caroline Carlos So you’re planning a trip halfway around the world and, just after clicking "confirm" to purchase your airfare, you realize you don’t speak a word of the local language! Fear not. This article provides you with numerous resources including the best language learning apps to help you

Your Guide to Staying in Hostels

Hostels TRAVEL Looking for a great travel experience but want to keep your costs down? Hitting the road solo and looking to meet fellow travelers? Or are you just bored of the typical hotel experience and looking for something new? If any of these ring true then you're in the right place. I have

How to Get Global Entry and TSA Precheck

___ Global Entry & TSA PreCheck   What is TSA PreCheck & Global Entry? TSA PreCheck is an expedited security screening program currently available at more than 160 U.S. airports. As part of the program, you not only get to skip those winding TSA lines – which, thanks to an increase in passenger

10 Countries To Eat The Most Delicious Food Around The World!

 10 Azerbaijani Similar to Iranian and Turkish cuisine, the food of Azerbaijan is just as much about their history and culture as it is about sustenance. A traditional Azerbaijan meal will start with tea and go on for three to four hours. It is common for meat, poultry and fish to be incorporated in

Get Your Travel Vaccination Cheat Sheet!

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The Best Ways to Save Money on Travel!

  How to Save Money on Travel!   I have now been to more than 50 countries on 6 continents, and I have met so many incredible people along the way. Along my journey I have picked up some amazing money-saving travel secrets that I want to share with you. In this post, I

The Best Travel Cameras for 2017!

The Best Cameras for 2017! by Brendan Burns January 27, 2017 Best Overall (My Camera!) SONY A6000 Amazon Rating   Price $698 Megapixels 24.3 Flash? Yes Screen 3" LCD Best Intermediate Camera SONY A6300 Amazon Rating   Price $998 Megapixels 24.3 Flash? Yes Screen 3"

How to Get a Restaurant Reservation Anywhere

Reservations FOOD & DINING Who doesn't love a good challenge? While the meal itself might be amazing, sometimes the thrill of the reservation chase makes the foodie experience more fun. From dining at Jiro’s famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo to eating the famous meatballs at Rao's in East Harlem, getting reservations aren't always easy. But if you

7 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone Abroad

How to Use Your Cell Phone Abroad If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you are familiar with the frustrations of getting your cell phone to work. Whether you are trying to access data, texting or making calls, if you aren’t careful to keep your phone on its airplane mode you may incur exorbitant and unexpected charges! Airplane mode,