Best Tacos NYC

Best Tacos NYCNew York City has become the home to some of the best south-of-the-border cuisine in the country. Perhaps no Mexican delicacy is more well known than the taco. Deliciously seasoned meat or veggies topped with cilantro, onions, and authentic guacamole enveloped in a soft corn tortilla. What could be better than that?! Keep reading for our the best tacos in NYC.


Tacos Veloz

8610 Roosevelt Ave | Between 90th & 91st Streets | Jackson Heights

This hole-in-the-wall joint is easy to miss but more than worth a visit. Open 24/7, Taco Veloz is perfect after a night on the town, especially for bargain hunters. Top your overstuffed taco with green sauce, some avocado slices, a squeeze of lime juice and dig in. The carne asada is tender and flavorful, and the chorizo packs the right amount of spiciness. Though I’m not the most open-minded foodie, I tried the lengua (cow tongue) taco. I’d heard it was a customer favorite and now I understand why!

Best Tacos NYC


Tacos Morelos

25 Ave A | Between East 1st and 2nd Streets | East Village

If it’s good enough for Aziz Ansari’s “Dev” in his Netflix show Master of None, it must be pretty tasty. This late-night taco truck/cart boasts fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine. You can get the tacos spiced to your liking and the cooks always give great recommendations – try the carne asada or the al pastor! They’re a little pricier than the previous places ($3.50 a pop) but 2 or 3 should satisfy your craving. Mix and match the salsas, you really can’t lose. Generally, the tacos come out pretty quick, but some late nights the line can be pretty long. Still, the tacos are good enough to brave a half hour wait. Who says Taco Tuesday can’t be every day?

Best Tacos NYC


Los Tacos No. 1

75 9th Ave | Between W 15th and 16th Streets | Chelsea Market

Whether you opt for the carne asada, pollo asado, adobada (pork), or nopal (cactus) taco you will not be sorry. This Chelsea Market staple is almost always packed but that’s to be expected. You can opt for either a corn or flour tortilla, with your choice of filling and toppings. The tortilla comes warm and the guacamole is the perfect combo of chunky and smooth. The sauces can be pretty spicy so beware. The only downsides to this place are the lack of seating, the long lines, and the prices (which, while steep, are not unheard of for the neighborhood). Try going at an off hour and find a place to stand. The tacos are so delicious you’ll scarf ‘em down pretty quickly – unless you go for seconds!


Tacos Al Suadero

87-12 Roosevelt Ave | Between 87th and 88th Streets | Queens

Another awesome Queens spot, after eating here I spent longer than I should’ve on Google trying to find out how to make this place’s salsa verde. It’s really that good! After dousing my chorizo and pollo asado tacos in the good stuff, I took a bite and what a great bite it was. The tacos lasted less than 5 minutes. More adventurous eaters might opt for the goat or pork ear tacos, both of which are top sellers at this Queens establishment. While the place might not be much to look at, the tacos are dirt cheap and there’s always a telenovela on one of the flat screens.


Goa Taco

79 Delancey St | Between Allen & Orchard Streets | Lower East Side

Tacos are certainly not broken, but Goa Taco fixed them anyway. This Lower East Side joint takes the top spot for its innovative taco makeovers. Instead of barbacoa in a corn tortilla, you can get tender lamb shoulder nestled in a half-moon of paratha, a multilayered Indian flatbread that I liken to a South Asian croissant. If your go-to is pollo asado, try Goa’s pork belly or the duck. Everything about this taco is good, from the warm, fluffy paratha to the cucumber slaw to the juicy meats. As for the toppings, the Scotch bonnet hot sauce is not for the faint of heart but boy is it addictive. You really can’t miss at this place. When you look up “Asian Fusion” in a cooking dictionary, there’s a picture of a Goa taco.

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