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best ramen nycRamen is a Japanese soup dish that consists of Chinese noodles, vegetable toppings, and sometimes different types of meat in a meat, fish, or vegetable-based broth. While there is often a wide variety of Ramen dishes, it can be characterized by its two main ingredients – noodles and broth. Keep reading for our countdown of the best ramen in NYC!



374 Johnson Ave | East Williamsburg | Brooklyn

This popular ramen chain has been going strong in Japan since 1960. Ichiran decided to open its first restaurant outside of its home country and landed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They offer both table seating as well as the traditional Japanese counters, and we definitely recommend the latter to get the authentic Japanese experience.

Ichiran specializes in tonkotsu ramen, which refers to ramen made with pork broth. You’ll get to pick from the many different options to customize your bowl exactly to your liking. Choose from varying levels of soup richness, garlic, scallion, spicy sauce and noodle texture. You can also opt in for the Kae-Dama noodle refill option where you can get a half- or full-noodle refill for approximately $3 or $4. This way you can check out two different noodle textures in the same bowl of ramen. For expert “ramen-ites,” Ichiran also offers Osukaran vinegar, which comes on the side and allows you to drop some in for a slightly different taste.

best ramen nyc


Mr. Taka Ramen

170 Allen Street | Lower East Side

Chef Takatoshi Nagara has brought his delicious ramen from Tokyo to NYC and for that we are grateful. I started off with the delicious tebasaki chicken wings and moved along to the Spicy Miso ramen with a hard-boiled egg and pork. Using a chicken and bonito fish broth, the bowl had firm noodles, tasty broth and a spiciness that kicks but isn’t too much.

best ramen nyc



552 Vanderbilt Avenue | Prospect Heights | Brooklyn

About three blocks away from the Barclays Center, Chuko is a quick walk from the subway and the perfect place to eat before a game or concert. While you may have a wait because this place is a not so hidden treasure, it will be worth it. Chuko is known for their amazing ramen bowls, and with many different bowls to choose from, you cannot go wrong. You can also add on extra meat, noodles, or eggs for an extra $2. And don’t forget to try the snacks and bites! Options include gyoza, shrimp buns, salt & pepper chicken wings and more!

chuko best ramen nyc


Totto Ramen

366 West 52nd Street | Between 8th Avenue & 9th Avenue | Midtown West

What could be better than a delicious meal and a fun experience? Totto Ramen has got it all. With locations in Midtown West, Midtown East, Hell’s Kitchen, and even Boston, there is no reason not to put this spot on your list of restaurants to try. Totto Ramen’s specialty is their chicken broth ramen, which is what makes them unique. Most ramen restaurants use either a fish based broth or a pork based broth. You can even customize your ramen bowl by adding some of the 20 available extra toppings! We promise you will “totto”-lly enjoy this spot, one of the best ramen spots in NYC!

Below is their Chicken Paitan ramen with pork (you get a choice of pork or chicken). This is their signature Totto ramen dish filled with char siu pork in their creamy broth with noodles, scallion, onion and a sheet of nori. Enjoy!

best ramen nyc


Ivan Ramen

25 Clinton Street | Lower East Side

When it comes to ramen, Ivan Ramen is a master chef. After spending many years in Japan, Ivan learned first-hand how to perfect the craft of making ramen and brought his amazing skills back to New York. You can find him at his location on the Lower East Side, or at his Slurp Shop located at the Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen. At Ivan Ramen, they also use chicken broth as their base, and their ramen is nothing short of delicious. We recommend trying the Shio Ramen. In addition, the modern atmosphere and the great service here add a unique touch to the experience overall. And if you are lucky, you might even get to see the ramen master, Ivan Ramen, working in the kitchen as well!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.41.42 AM


Mu Ramen

12-09 Jackson Avenue | Long Island City

If you are feeling adventurous, you must head to Mu Ramen in Long Island City. The food here is spectacular, as well as the modern atmosphere. If you want to avoid the lines, you should probably plan on going to Mu Ramen before 5pm on a weekday. Coming for lunch would probably be your best bet in getting a table without having to wait for a crazy amount of time. Now for the food- Mu Ramen’s Tonkostu 2.0 may have been some of the best Ramen we have ever tasted. If you love spicy food and you are looking to kick your Ramen up a notch, be sure to add some Crack Kimchi to your order!

best ramen nyc



65 4th Avenue | East Village | Manhattan

Straight out of Japan is the delicious Ippudo. After opening about 12 restaurants across Asia, they decided to open up here, making it one of the best ramen spots in NYC. If you come to Ippudo during prime hours, you will probably have to wait for a table because they do not take reservations. While at Ippudo, we got to taste the Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen, and we were definitely not disappointed. We also recommend that you order the chicken buns as an appetizer because these buns were some of the best that we’ve had! This place is a must if you are a ramen lover and either living in New York or passing through.

best ramen nyc

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