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New York’s Best Ice Cream & Gelato Spots!

Best Ice Cream & Gelato in NYC These delicious frozen treats made from milk, cream and sugar that are said to have originated in the 5th Century in Ancient Greece. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, and when used in English often refers to an Italian style of ice cream that can be

Planning Your Trip to Singapore

Destinations Singapore GETTING THERE ACTIVITIES FOOD MORE! Getting There   Overview Airport - Changi Airport (SIN) Currency - Singapore Dollar (SGD or S$) Official Languages - English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil Population - 5.4 million GDP - $307.9 billion (36th overall)   En route to a wedding in India, I decided to

7 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone Abroad

How to Use Your Cell Phone Abroad If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you are familiar with the frustrations of getting your cell phone to work. Whether you are trying to access data, texting or making calls, if you aren’t careful to keep your phone on its airplane mode you may incur exorbitant and unexpected charges! Airplane mode,

How to Install a WordPress Theme

___ How to Install a WordPress Theme   Congratulations on setting up your WordPress website! Now you are ready for a WordPress theme. If you haven't set up your site yet, first go here for instructions on how to start your website! If your site is already set up, then keep reading to install your

Bienvenue a Paris!

Paris Travel Guide By Madison Mastrangelo INTRO ACTIVITIES FOOD MORE! Getting There   Airport - Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport Currency - Euro (EUR or €) Language - French Population - 2.2 million GDP (France) - $2.4 trillion (6th overall)   Paris: The City of Cafés, Crêpes, Art & Fashion Commonly referred to as

The 5 Tuk Tuk Commandments

Southeast Asia Travel By nikki paoline (@RJPproduction) Introduction If you’re heading to Southeast Asia soon, or are already there, here are some tips to keep in mind when you get ready to step into those little, fun, zippy carriages on motorbikes. Tuk tuks (pronounced took tooks) are fun, easy to get and generally for

Traveling to St. Thomas

Destinations St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands GETTING THERE ACTIVITIES FOOD MORE! Getting There   Overview Main Airport – Cyril E. King Airport (STT) Language – English Currency – U.S. Dollar (USD) Population – 18,500 For those looking to experience some Caribbean fun, St. Thomas is the great destination for beaches, peace and

Khmer Daze: Traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia Travel By nikki paoline (@RJPproduction) INTRO CULTURE ACTIVITIES FOOD VOLUNTEER Introduction Main Airports - Phenom Penh International Airport (PNH), Siem Reap International Airport (REP) Currency - Khmer Riel (KHR) and U.S. Dollar (USD)  Language - Khmer Population - 15.7 Million GDP (Cambodia) - $15.2 Billion   Welcome to Cambodia! Cambodia is one of my

Top 10 Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Hanoi, Vietnam By nikki paoline (@RJPproduction) Introduction Hà Nội is my favorite city in Southeast Asia by far! I can honestly say I was nowhere near prepared for the sensory overload I received during my trip. This incredible city is filled with winding alleys, loud noises and mouthwatering smells of food. I arrived in

Learn Japanese: 15 Easy Phrases for Your Trip to Japan!

Getting ready for an upcoming trip to Japan and just realized you don't know a word of Japanese?! Don't worry, whether you're trying to order food at one of the best restaurants in Tokyo or need directions to the nearest subway station, we've got you covered. While learning a foreign language may seem daunting,